Security Programmes


The Institute is involved the provision of courses of instruction for the professional upliftment of security practitioners as well as interested individuals. ISN advocates the role and value Security Profession plays in business, the media government entities, private and public Institutions.

The Institute provides members and the security Community with access to full career programmes and seminars and publishing books which lead the way for advance and improved security performance.

Since inception, the Institute has been involved in the training of over ten thousand (10,000) high level security practitioners. Many of the products of its training programmes manage security operations in both the public and private areas. We are very proud of them. The improved performance which their training has made possible encourages us to persure in improvement on the programmes inspite of difficulties.


The Institute Programmes Include: Dissemmative of professional knowledge, experience, innovation, trust and transparency to security, safety and protective practices, the institute concentrates on fulfilling its mission in security, safety and protective services and resources.

Training Programme

The Institute of Security runs long and short term training courses to develop knowledge and skills for security, safety and protective services. The Institute training programmes also involve curriculum development, as well as security and civic education programmes aimed at enlightening members of the civil society on security and safety practice.

Workshops, Conferences, Panel Discussions and Roundtables through these programmes, which involve local and international participation. The Institute provides professional intellectual forum The Institute offers services to corporate bodies in the identification of training needs and development of curricula training materials and evaluation systems.


The Institute carries out mult – disciplinary research in a wide range of security, safety and protective issue. Special interests of the institute research include security of crimes and properties, rights of life; diginity of the human / persons; development; clean and sustainable environment; drug safety and emergency rsik management, gangsteris area boys, touts, land speculators.


The Institute publishes books, monographs, journals and newsletters to support the dissemination of ideas, academic and professional research and training in discipline of security, safety and protecting fields.

Employment Resource Service

The Institute conducts search for qualified security professionals dseeking employment opportunities. It conducts recruitment exercise for employers and organizations.

Fellowships and Internships

The Institute maintains library with collections including books, periodicals, international instruments literates on security, safety and protective studies report in print and electronic from. Its Documentation Centre is home of a wide array of statistical data base and audio – visual resources.

Professional Participation

We welcome the participation of Interested Professional bodies in the fields of Security, Safety and Protective fields by supporting the Institute through the following means:

  1. Serving as advisers and sponsors of development programmes to promote security, safety and protective studies and education.
  2. Becoming Institute's corporate members (This is subject to the completion of application form, to be issued by the Governing Council)
  3. Setting up endowment programmes to promote security and safety awareness in Nigeria and all over the world. Consultancy.