The Institute also supports the publication of books, monographs journals through which ideas, results of academic and professional researches are disseminated. To this end, the Institute has publiched several books among which are the following:

  1. Managerial and Operational Skills for Modern Security Practice
  2. Handbook on Corporate and Industrial Security in Nigeria
  3. Fundamentals of Safety Management System
  4. Pattern and Trends: Security Operations, Crime Prevention and Good Governance
  5. Enhancing Quality Performance for Dynamic Security and Safety Practice in Nigeria
  6. Security and Safety: Panaces for the Enhancement of Democracy and Natural Development
  7. Law for Security Practitioners
  8. Psychology for Security Practitioners
  9. Manual on Communication Documentation Intelligence
  10. Private Security Management in Nigeria
  11. Biochemical Hazard and Drug Safety
  12. Physical and Electronic security
  13. Skills and Science of Secured Communication
  14. A Primer of Conflict Management
  15. Computer and Security Systems
  16. Foundation of Phrenology and Cogniture Intelligence
  17. Curbing Political Violence in Nigeria: The Role of Security Protection
  18. The Science and Skills of Security Investigation
  19. A Book of Readings on Urban Violence Security Strategies
  20. Proceeding on Religious Cum Ethnic Violence, Security Strategies and Socio – Economic Implication.