Vision and Mission Statement


To be an Institute of excellence for promoting the recognition of, and respect for security safety and protective practice through the pursuit of knowledge, research, training and popular education


The mission of the Institute is to undertake top – quality teaching, education, practice and training in the areas of security and risk management, protection science and safty and to disseminate knowledge to different communities and professional skill within the discipline.


The Institute aims to be recognized as resources for influencing political and social debates and decision making in various areas across the world by establishing outstanding national and international reputation.

We recognize that our resources persons are our primary resources. Collectively, we are committed to:

  1. offering a first – class service to our students, members and other customers;
  2. promoting a posture working environment for staff, students and visitors based on mutual respect;
  3. encouraging and facilitating a sustainable balance between personal and career development, teamwork and entrepreneurship among our staff
  4. to provide training and development opportunities to all members to enable them to meet the needs of the Institute.

Our aim is to be the best institute

  1. to promote, practice; develop public awareness and stimulate debate on security and safety issues;
  2. provide consultancy services, publications on international, comparative and domestic aspects of security safety and protective practice.