General Objectives

The objectives of the Institute, inform the direction of its specific programmes, include:

  1. To promote and develop security science and practice in all its ramifications.
  2. to provide of facilities for stakeholders to meet and discuss security issues with a view to establish standards and improve skills and performance of practitioners.
  3. To conduct research, collection and dissemination of information on security subjects.
  4. To organize Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Study Centres etc. to enhance the practice of the profession.
  5. To encourage the production of quality books and others literature as significant tools for training, teaching and publication of research results in the security and protective disciplines.
  6. To foster the development of skills and knowledge in all areas of security safety and protective practice.
  7. To promote constant interaction and exchange of ideas in the aras of security safety and protective through workshops, conferences, seminars and similar for a.
  8. To foster the development of academic and professional exchanges and linkages between scholars experts and practitioners within and outside Nigeria.
  9. To promote the advancement of knowledge of security safety and protective practice through teaching and research.
  10. to promote the recognition of and respect for security safety and protective practice among the populace, through the development and implementation of programmes of formal and informant education.
  11. to provide resources, through publications and the development of audio – visual materials to support security, safety and protective training, research and advocacy.